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Lemon Lime Tangerine Ice 50ml 0mg
Lemon Lime Tangerine eLiquid by Double Drip comes in the, rather obvious, flavours of Lemon, Lime and Tangerine, with just a hint of Menthol on the exhale. This product is in a 50ml Short Fill form leaving...
Lemon Sherbet 50ml 0mg
Lemon Sherbet by Double Drip is a mix of citrus Lemons and Sherbet.
Raspberry sherbet 50ml 0mg
Raspberry Sherbet eLiquid from Double Drip is a blend of Raspberries and sour Sherbet.
Sherbet Rainbow 50ml 0mg
Sherbet Rainbow eLiquid by Double Drip has a multi-flavoured, Fizzy Rainbow Sherbet Candy taste. This product is in a 50ml Short Fill form leaving you with 10ml of space to add your own nicotine booster...
Strawberry Laces and Sherbet 50ml 0mg
Strawberry Laces & Sherbet eliquid by Double Drip comes with a Strawberry Laces and Sherbet Flavour. Makes sense really. This product comes as a 50ml Short Fill leaving you 10ml of space to add your own...