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Hangsen are the world’s biggest supplier of E-Liquids. All there products are made of the highest quality ingredients that are tested via various regulatory bodies including European MSGS, CE Certification and RoHS Certification.  All hangsen e-liquids only utilise pharmaceutical grade PG (Propylene Glycol) and all e-liquids are supplied in child proof bottles and are CHIP compliant to meet strict safety guidelines.

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Gold & Silver
70PG/30VG Our gold and silver e liquid provides a wonderfully flavoursome tobacco hit which is slightly woody, somewhat nutty and most definitely enjoyable.
HS Menthol
70PG/30VG HS Menthol is one of those flavours which seems to be sweet and yet tart at the same time. This e-liquid will invigorate your senses the way that only tongue tingling menthol can.