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Our Berkshire Vapers range is manufactured in the UK. This range of liquids gives you great flavour and vapour production with a base mix of 50/50 PG/VG.
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Arctic Blast
If you are a fan of minty fresh menthol flavoured this juice carries a proper menthol hit.
Berkshire Blend
A full flavoured but mild tobacco vape. This juice is Cuba condensed into a bottle.
Caramel Carnival
Sweet Caramel is a slightly sweet but rich and warm caramel e-liquid proving the sort of luxurious e-liquid that just about any vaper can fall in love with.
This Cherry e-liquid is bursting with cherry flavours so sweet and tasty it makes this e-liquid impossible to put down.
Cup O' Joe
A robust coffee flavour with an intense finish, the initial draw is a little deceptive, it starts with a relaxed coffee taste with a hint of dark chocolate.
Everything's Peachy
Everything Peachy starts with a gentle sugar-coated sweetness, and quickly builds, gaining body and strength, to a peak of peachy goodness.
Fresh Spearmint
This cool, fresh and deliciously refreshing E-Liquid is a take on the spearmint flavour classic.
Glacier Fresh
Glacier Fresh is an extra strong menthol e-liquid which features the inclusion of ice mint flavouring to give it and extra cold blast.
Got Grape
Great Grape brings a rich, full-bodied fruity wave of flavour.
Green Apple
Apple Crunch tastes like those mature and pungent deep red apples rich and full-bodied.