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Apek E-cig Kit
The TECC Apek kit is a cost-effective e-cigarette designed with new vapers in mind. Straight from the box you have a no fuss e-cig with hassle-free refilling, no settings to adjust and a vaping experience...
Arc 5
Since its introduction, the arc (Curve) series of e-cigarettes has completely dominated the vaping market, showcasing exceptional quality at an unbelievable price. The Arc 5 e-cig kit is the next evolution...
Arc Mini Kit
Carrying on from the phenomenal success of the original arc Mini, the arc Mini 20W e-cig kit keeps the same pocket sized package but with some outstanding enhancements. Harnessing the power of the integral...
iCare 110 Kit
The Eleaf iCare 110 retains the simplistic internal tank system of the iCare series, with a slimmed down 11mm diameter. Featuring a built-in leakproof tank, the iCare 110 is easy to use and convenient...