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Apple Grenade
Punk Grenade - Apple Grenade E-Liquid by Riot Labs is a sharp blend of fruit with a clean and crisp finish. A strong apple flavour provides the base flavour with a sweet and slightly sour tang. The exhale...
Bubblegum Grenade
Punk Grenade Bubblegum Grenade is a blend of sweet candy and sharp fruits. The burst of bubblegum flavour comes through initially and then the sugary notes follow with a hint of ripe banana and fresh strawberries....
Grapple & Slapcurrant 50ml
Grapple and Slapcurrant eliquid by Riot Squad is a hard hitting combination of garden fruits. The apple flavour has a crisp taste to it, with sweet and sour notes. Its blended with a ripe tasting blackcurrant...
Mango-Lime Grenade
Punk Grenade Mango and Lime Grenade is a refreshing tropical fusion of exotic fruit with a zingy finish. On the inhale you will instantly taste the sweet mango flavour, while the lime creates a citrus...
Pink Grenade 50ml
Pink Grenade eliquid by Riot Squad combines sweet and sour tastes for a summery vibe. Form your first inhale youll detect a ripe tasting strawberry flavour with a delicate sweet note, this has been blended...
Raspberry Grenade
Punk Grenade Raspberry Grenade is a sharp fruit combination with the tangy notes and fresh taste of raspberries and lemonade. The raspberry flavour makes up the base of the e-liquid, which has sweet and...