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These particular bottles due to their size require two nic shots of 18mg strength to get a 3mg
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Just Jam biscuit 80ml 0mg
Just Jam's signature strawberry jam flavour that we know and love has just taken a quick twist by being slammed between to incredibly buttery shortbread biscuits for a completely unforgettable vape that...
Just Jam Original 80ml 0mg
Original eLiquid by Just Jam is simply a strawberry jam flavoured eliquid.
Just Jam Raspberry 80ml 0mg
Raspberry eLiquid by Just Jam takes the raspberry flavour from their other juices in the range to be vaped on its own.
Just Jam Scone 80ml 0mg
Scone eLiquid by Just Jam takes a traditional scone and combines it with raspberry jam.
Just Jam Toast 80ml 0mg
Toast eLiquid by Just Jam is a sweet strawberry jam smothered over buttered toast